After analysing the key data we develop strategies and provisions for your organisationon:


Re-organization of companies

  • location determination
  • status quo
  • identification of work processes, optimization of these
  • organizational structure
  • employee surveys
  • development of an organization manual



  • assessment of progress and performance
  • criteriaestablishment of actual performance
  • problemsaudit agreements / quality assurance


Employees, Management

  • development of basic data to develop unused potential of employees and management
  • support for the optimisation of contracts and application opportunities
  • development of incentive systems
  • definition of targets and links to remuneration systems



  • examination of materials costs
  • comparison of locations, sizes and types
  • optimisation of operating facilities (circulation, vehicles
  • deployment, personnel assignment
  • establishment of operative business units

    Sales and administrative processes

    • revenue management
    • human resources
    • auditing, bookkeeping


    Market and competition

    • market analysis
    • determination of market position
    • support in determining competitiveness
    • support in competitive issues
    • support in offer calculation
    • planning

    Contact Person

    Sarah Martin
    Wolfgang Meyer

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