“Mobility is not everything, but without mobility everything is nothing.”

Sara Martin, CEO
Wolfgang Meyer, CEO

This applies for both commodities and people. Our life together is characterized by the fact that we have become more and more mobile and that the world is connected in a way as it was previously unimaginable.

This development is supported by the possibilities of ever-faster communications.
Mobility and logistics chains are becoming increasingly important. Just in time applies for people as well as for commodities.
This development needs excellence and expertise. It requires the combination of political ideas and entrepreneurial activities. The right strategy and the fast, good entrepreneurial implementation.

Therefore it is necessary to have the best minds. With its approach LINEARIS pursues the goal as a service provider in this field to contribute to the best solution.
The strategic concept, the right personnel selection, the support of companies in the market, the assistance in the development of the market - here, we want to participate.

Manufacturer of products, service, finance, maintenance, concept development, customer and policy makers in the field of mobility and logistics - these are our customers.
We want to help to implement attractive solutions to this important field of our society.

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